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Why Should You Ask Questions On A Date?

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When you are getting ready for a date your friends and family might bombard you with suggestions. After all, be it a first date or the hundredth the nervousness quotient still remains. But have you seen that some people simply carry on and deal with their dates like a pro? This is simply because they are well prepared and because they are confident. One of the most common suggestions that people have in preparing for a date is to make a list of the questions to ask.

You should definitely start with deciding your outfit, the venue and timing. The rest of the things depend on how the conversation proceeds. But if there is one more thing that you can prepare in advance it is the list of questions to ask. If you are looking for ideas these are some of the best questions to ask:

  • Ask about your date’s interests, his or her long forgotten hobbies
  • Ask about how your date spends his or her weekends

Once you get to know few answers you can then proceed to talk about movies, games or any topic that is common to both of you. Here are some reasons why you should prepare yourself with questions to ask your date:

  1. These show that you are genuinely interested in getting to know the person’
  2. These questions allow you to understand your date
  3. This would help you know the common interests and give you topics to talk on and make your conversation interesting
  4. You would also get to learn a lot of new things as you start asking questions
  5. Questions come as easy ice breakers. People who find it difficult to strike a conversation might be more comfortable in answering questions. This would also help the person open up easily.