The Truth About Enhancement Pills When Dating

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The first thing that haunts men when they get a dating proposal is their penile size. Yes once a boy enters his teenage phase, the first thought is about the size of his penis and this is going to torment him more when he starts comparing his with the others. The first question to such people is whether they know what a perfect penis would look like. This is an unanswered question till date because there is nothing like a perfect penis or imperfect penis because there are specified or standard sizes. Yes, if this is understood well, then most of the men who believe themselves to be undersized would actually realize that theirs is well grown for a healthy and happy relationship.

Research says that most of the men who worry about their penis being small are actually the ones with a perfect and healthy size. So it is all about how we take it and how we conceive and perceive things. The human mind is a monkey mind. Though there are a lot of explanations and evidence proving this fact there are still men who yearn for a bigger size and it is for them that we have the male enhancement pills.

  • Youngsters go for such products when they have a date proposal from the lady-like
  • People in a legal, marital relationship also go for such pills and techniques when they want to make love with their spouses

So in all and any case, these are products in demand. But the unbelievable candid is that they are just mental enhancers making a person feel that he has improved his stamina and size with nothing actually done to the penis physically and evidently. Vigrx plus is what I always use and it has given me the required confidence and manliness to be in bed for a long time making things successful.…

Male Practicing Chastity While Dating

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Here is a guide that explains what male chastity is and what the various important components are in maintaining this. Though we say and term this as male chastity, there is a lot that even women will have to understand and know about male chastity; they also play a very important role in this. This concept has to be understood as a couple and it is successful only when there is complete understanding from both the sides.

It is not just knowing how truthful you have to be to your spouse or about how refrained you are from the other female attractions but also about how you use the various chastity toys and devices. It is this that constitutes this monster guide on male chastity. First, of all, we need to know if everybody understands and regards this concept of male chastity because there are many men who try to hide their chastity to their partners and try to keep the key a secret. At the same time, women should also not be worried or perplexed when their men talk to them about chastity and their interests and desires in this because anybody who does this is considered to be following the basic rules and principles of male chastity. Research says that couples who have understood male chastity and its concepts well are those who are able to lead a happy and satisfied relationship in future. There can be only two major reasons for couples discussing and taking clarity in these concepts of male chastity which is nothing but,

  • Understanding and compromised living with understanding partners
  • Having better, enhanced and more intense relationships

So chastity is not just for women but also for men and it is important that male practice this religiously so that they practice this even during their dating appointments.…

Getting Creative with Dating


Do you do the same old things that every other couple does on date-nights? Are you guilty of wishing for more from your girlfriend or boyfriend? It does not take much to get creative with dating. All that you have got to do is explore each other’s fantasies and expectations. Research suggests that 30% of young couples have kinky fantasies that they never convey to their partners and end up unhappy in their sex lives.

What you must do right away is step out of the comfort zone and talk to your partner about revamping your sessions with more interesting ideas. A lot of couples these days are resorting to butt plugs and other sex toys? Are you adventurous enough to know all about it? If you are, you must absolutely read on!

What is a Butt Plug after all?

Butt plugs are sex toys that are plugged into your anus and are supposed to provide pleasurable sensations. Butt plugs are primarily used to experience anal insertion before experiencing anal sex in reality. It could also be a fun way to explore each other’s bodies. There are two reasons to use a butt plug and they are:

  • Sexual stimulation for a man who loves prolonged prostrate stimulation.
  • Stimulating psychologically. This is essential for people who enjoy BDSM.

Butt plugs are usually made of silicone, PVC or rubber. Butt plugs differ from dildos or vibrators in certain ways. They have a flared base that prevents them from getting lost in the rectum, unlike dildos. They are also way more pleasurable than your ordinary vibrator. The anus is apparently high on nerve endings and if proper lubricant is used before inserting butt plugs, you could experience a lot more pleasure than a regular session of vanilla sex would give you.

For more information on butt plugs and other creative ideas for date nights, visit the official website of Love Plugs. You will find everything you’d need to know about Love Plugs.


Great Dating Tips For 2017


Whether a man or a woman is single or already dating, everyone needs some dating tips during the initial phase when you are looking for a partner or you get into a relationship. Some of the tips are mentioned below which can make a lot of difference in your love life:

  • If you are single, then you can always make a checklist of the qualities that you are looking for a partner. This will save you a lot of time because you do not want to go on some random number of dates and end up not hooking up with the person. So better to go with the one who fits in some criteria. But do remember that nobody is perfect, so do not expect your entire checklist to fit in one person. Thus, be a little flexible as well.
  • Be open to dating friends. If a friend shows interest in you then there is no harm in giving it a thought because you already know the person well so you will not have to make much effort to learn about him or her.
  • If your friends try to set you up with someone they know, then give it a try. Do not simple say no.
  • Anyone who is planning to find someone through a dating site must be careful enough to choose the authentic website since there are a lot of fake sites available as well.
  • If you have just started an affair, then try to be normal and be yourself. Do not try to forcibly do things to impress your new partner. Say for example, if you are not a humorous person then do not try to pretend to be funny. It can just ruin your new relation.
  • You can buy some cuddly teddy gift for your girlfriend if she loves soft toys.
  • Whenever you are going on a date for the first time, choose a place which has a good ambience so that you both can spend some quality time.


What do Women Look for in a Handbag?


Women love their handbags. We all know that. But do you know what women look for in a handbag? What is it that prompts a woman to choose a handbag over another?

The handbag is the most sought-after accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. A beautiful, stylish handbag is always rewarded with compliments. And this is also one reason women simply adore their handbags and are quite possessive about their prized possessions. Fake or real, the women’s handbag is the most sought-after accessory and mostly every woman’s wardrobe will definitely have more than one or two of them.

So, the most important things that women consider in a handbag are:

  • Quality (if it isbranded, then no worries there)
  • Style
  • Utility
  • Colour and texture
  • Compartments
  • Purpose of purchase (casual, formal, partywear etc.,) and
  • Price (yes, they do!)

The handbag is the perfect arm candy that can be flaunted anywhere in style. It is the most utilitarian accessory as well and needs to match many of the outfits in the wardrobe. Most women don’t buy an expensive bag on a whim. They buy it after careful consideration and do save up for the perfect bag of their dreams. In fact, many surveys and studies opine that handbags are always at the top of the must-have accessories in the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Most women can never have enough of handbags. Apart from shoes and clothes, they need to have a variety of handbags for different occasions. They are also one of the most expensive items in a lady’s shopping list. All these factors make the handbags a perfect gifting choice. So, if you want to buy handbags for your girlfriend or partner, you can get more information about handbags here. You can start saving for the exclusive designer collectible that your girlfriend/ partner has been eyeing for some time and surprise her with the best gift ever!


Why Should You Ask Questions On A Date?

Let's Ask

When you are getting ready for a date your friends and family might bombard you with suggestions. After all, be it a first date or the hundredth the nervousness quotient still remains. But have you seen that some people simply carry on and deal with their dates like a pro? This is simply because they are well prepared and because they are confident. One of the most common suggestions that people have in preparing for a date is to make a list of the questions to ask.

You should definitely start with deciding your outfit, the venue and timing. The rest of the things depend on how the conversation proceeds. But if there is one more thing that you can prepare in advance it is the list of questions to ask. If you are looking for ideas these are some of the best questions to ask:

  • Ask about your date’s interests, his or her long forgotten hobbies
  • Ask about how your date spends his or her weekends

Once you get to know few answers you can then proceed to talk about movies, games or any topic that is common to both of you. Here are some reasons why you should prepare yourself with questions to ask your date:

  1. These show that you are genuinely interested in getting to know the person’
  2. These questions allow you to understand your date
  3. This would help you know the common interests and give you topics to talk on and make your conversation interesting
  4. You would also get to learn a lot of new things as you start asking questions
  5. Questions come as easy ice breakers. People who find it difficult to strike a conversation might be more comfortable in answering questions. This would also help the person open up easily.